Tuesday, 20 November 2012

҉YOUR-MAILS GROUP ҉ ~ Pictures of the Day: Attractive Grocery Stores ~

Những hình ãnh dẹp gây thích thú cho người mua hàng..   

1. ICA in Tyresö, Sweden

Photograph by tretorn on Reddit

2. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA

 Vectored   Vegetables

3. RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park
 5 a Day...
Photograph by Sarah Morbey on Flickr

4. Zupan's in Portland, Oregon, USA

Photograph by coolhandlucas on Reddit

5. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA

 Fruit and Vegetable Display at Puyallup Fair
Photograph by Tadao Cern

6. Derbyshire County Fair

 Gold Winner Veg Display
Photograph by Urban Combing (Ultrastar175g) on Flickr

7. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA

 Grange fruit and veggie display
Photograph by Jennifer B. (tacomamama) on Flickr

8. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA

 Gathering the harvest
Photograph by Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr

9. Gateshead Summer Flower Show

 Show Vegetables
Photograph by Philip Gates on Flickr

10. Chelsea Flower Show


11. Chelsea Flower Show

 Gold Medal winning vegetable display at the 2005 Chelsea Flower Show
Photograph by UGArdener on Flickr

12. Chelsea Flower Show

 Chelsea flower show 2012
Photograph by Farrukh (Swamibu on Flickr)

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A Chef's Portrait Made from Food

Artwork and Photography by Golpeavisa


Artwork and Photography by Golpeavisa


Artwork and Photography by Golpeavisa

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