Wednesday, 17 April 2013

҉YOUR-MAILS GROUP ҉ 500-year-old dead body still has nail and hair growth on it !

In Giyu village of Himachal, there is a 550-year-old dead body (mummy), whose hair on the skull and nails are still growing. Although the speed of the growth is reducing over the years, but it is extremely shocking still that a dead body has such a growth. Because of reduced growth of hair, the skull of this dead body is going bald.

This dead body is of a beggar belonging to Budh religion. Scientists though shocked are saying that the reason for less growth is because the body is dead. 

People of this village are now worried about the loss of hair and nails that were growing on this dead body.

Around 26 years ago, during digging of a bunker, this mummy was found. Scientists after their research reported that the mummy was 500 year old. However, scientists are shocked on how the mummy still has live cells that is causing hair and nail growth. During digging, when the muumy was found a strong brick hit its head and the skull started bleeding.  This proves that the body was still alive.

To carry out further research, researchers travel from all over the world. Because of the research too, the body has started deteriorating.


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