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҉YOUR-MAILS GROUP ҉ A magical place where Rats fulfill wishes.

A single rat seen in the house can bring trouble for you and you follow various measures to get rid of it. However, there is one place in India, which is specially known for rats. This place is filled with rats. Not just that it also sees many god believers in huge numbers every day. This place od rats is no ordicary place but a temple of Karni Mata aka Chuhon wali Mata (Goddess of rats).

This temple is situated in Bikaner of Rajasthan. Here one doesn't just see disciples of Karni Mata, but many foreigners as well. This temple has approximately 20,000 rats, but still there is no smell or garbage created here.

Where and when was Karni Mata born?

The locals of Rajasthan believe that Karni Mata was born in Rajasthan in the form of Righubai. Due to her magical powers, people started calling her Karni Mata. It is said that Karni Mata is one of the forms of Goddess Durga.

Why is this temple known as Chuhon wala mandir?

This temple has 20,000 rats in it. The disciples of Karni Mata believe that the goddess is the mother of these rats.

How are rats Karni Mata's children?

As per a story in Purans, once Karni Mata's son fell into a well and Yamraj took his life. Then Mata Karni asked Yamraj to give him his life back. Yamraj gave him his life back, but in the form of a rat.It is since then that all rats are considered to be Karni Mata's children.

People eat half-eaten sweets of rats here

Out of their strong beliefs, people only consume a sweet after it has been eaten half by a rat. The magic is that people never fall sick doing so. 

Seeing a white rat here is considered auspicious

Although there are 20,000 rats in this temple, which roam in the entire temple, ply and eat together, but white rats are not very common. People believe that those who see a white rat in this temple is blessed by Karni Mata for lifetime. Seeing a white rat also fulfills ones wishes.

A rat should not come under your feet

In this temple of Karni Mata, walking by lifting legs can be harmful. This is why people walk here in a slipping manner, so that no rat comes under their feet. If a rat is crushed under anybody's feet, it is considered inauspicious that brings bad luck.

With Karni Mata's blessing, Bikaner and Jodhpur were formed

It's an age old belief that Bikaner and Jodhpur were formed by Mata Karni. 


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